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Monday, February 4, 2008
quick one..

This week is full of activities...

Well today we finally had our class pictorial and we did the fossil thing in lab. It was so much fun. I got pissed at the end of the day though. I'm not gonna tell you why..but its something silly to be honest. "I can't understand why you have to plan things for me..i have my own mind."

Tomorrow will be our outreach. yey! I like going to places to help other people. Its fun and of course..roadtrip with section 27! love it!..i'm so excited. I'll be teaching math since a lot signed up for reading and pehm. Most of the boys signed up for pehm..haha goodluck na lang..Siguraduhin niyong magsasayaw kau ah..take note: Kau ang magtuturo hindi sila. I know tomorrow's gonna be a fun day. I hope I enjoy it..

For wednesday..well nothing much..its of course the ash wednesday so that's something to look forward to i guess. I have this theory that when the cross put on your forehead wears off easily..you have lots of sins...haha Up to now I still believe in that theory so I really make it a point that I dont touch my forehead after being cross-ified..haha

Monthly level mass. I love having masses. We dont have classes and I get to see the whole of the sophomores...weeehu!!...

Most important day.NO CLASSES baby..Its PTC. I'm still hoping that i'm still a part of the top 10. Hopefully my rank gets higher.

Filipino project.(tentative)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I feel awful cause i wasn't able to greet my cousin a happy birthday yesterday. I'll just call her later and greet her. Tomorrow will be my dad's bday and hopefully we'll be eating out. I hope we dont have lots of assignments tomorrow. oh please.....

I'm feeling something inside which i cant explain. Its a mix feeling of sadness, hatred, irritation and something else. The bad thing about this is I dont really know why i'm feeling this emotion. Maybe its because of all the problems bottled up inside. I'm having lots of problems nowadays and its too bad that i cant share it with anyone since a lot of them are really personal. I do hope that someday I could get to share these problems with someone. Now i feel like being senti haha..

We changed our seating arrangements awhile ago. Now i'm seated next to papa J and Benedic. I like my new seating arrangement since its close with the blackboard oh i mean the white board. Speaking of the white board. Our white board sucks! It doesn't look good anymore...There are dents which not only makes it look ugly but also makes it harder for us to erase the writings on the board. ohwell Have to do it the hard way. We also don't have any marker..I feel so poor. We were again scolded because of being noisy. Well you cant blame us about that well actually you can but that woudnt change anything because we are who we are...just accept the fact that even though we get high grades it doesnt mean that we are quiet. Fortunately though i didnt here the statement.."You are the cream section you should be the model of your fellow 2nd year students..and so on and so forth". It gets irritating when your hear it often. Well that brings me to another topic. Sino Kaya mga magiging kaklase ko next year? I mean next year there wouldnt be any cream section right? Will my classmates be as wild as my classmates now or will they be a bunch of nerds? Wow...I dont know if i should look forward to 3rd year or not. One thing's sure though I'll miss section 27...

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So i guess i broke my promise(see last post)..haha..i actually expected that to happen. I knew that I wouldn't be able to post again before classes resumes most probably because of laziness. But promises are meant to be broken right?..

So why blog now? haha I'm actually shocked that I'll be posting something again after months. I miss blogging. You know the feeling of having lost for words. Worrying whether or not i have wrong grammars or spelling and if there are whether or not people would notice it. haha oh yeah that was a lot of fun. Well besides blogging I'm missing a lot of things right now....

I miss my long hair.
I had my haircut with Angeli and Vicky last Monday right after cheering. Angeli had her haircut too while Vicky had her toes and nails polished. My hair is seriously short. Shortest it has been ever since grade 3. I'm still not use to it well duh. My hair aint that nice so i'm having a hard time with it. Unfortunately my sister haven't uploaded the PC suite yet so i won't be able to show you how short my hair is now.

I miss my cheermates.
If there is such word. The cheering competition is over and though it did not end as how i would like it to end I'm happy that i made new friends. As i have said before its not about the title its about the friendship. I miss our trainings. Kung hindi dahil sa training n un d aq matuto magcommute!! haha. I am willing to go through all the pain just to spend more time with all of them again. Through all of the controversies I'm proud to say we finished last but we made history! oh diba...pati tau gumawa din ng history haha..

I miss...
  1. Lindon
  2. tralala
  3. ohlala
  4. potoytoy
  5. butotay
  6. potaytay
  7. liftings!!!yeah polished stunts namin!
  8. tahanan
  9. front walk
  10. split
  11. ahh beep beep
  12. coke sa 1.5 bottle
  13. pagbabawal namin sa paninigarilyo ni lindon
  14. wlng kmtyng pagpopolish ng sayaw
  15. inspirational words ni lindon
  16. pagcocommute
  17. fried chicken!!
  18. maglaro sa playground
  19. kapatid ni teresa..naks future cheerleader din!
  20. mga pasa
  21. ang pagkahulog ng mga nililift kay bryna
  22. the lifters
  23. commander baho
  24. ang mahilo pagktpos ng cartwheel
  25. picture taking
  26. tawanan
  27. matakot na bka mahulog si pia
  28. magdasal kay lord n wlng mapahamak
  29. piggy back ride
  30. wlang sawang kalokohan.
Im planning to move to multiply but that's not yet final. The problem with multiply is I feel so exposed...haha There are a lot of users kasi. I'm supposed to be doing my english homework right now but because of excitement I totally forgot about it..haha so i guess i better say goodbye before i forget anything else.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Since the start of the vacation this would be my first tym to go online..waw award!! haha..nkktmad kc eh..I feel like i have no tym to go online.waw since when did i become so busy? I've been really busy right now even though I'm suppose to be relaxing and getting bored but that's fine I like being busy atleast I dont feel useless. I've been attending cheering practices and to tell you the truth we haven't done anything yet. Well, we have started with something but we cant go forward since we're not always complete. Our last practice was yesterday so yeah my body is currently in pain but no worries i enjoy what i am doing. Our classes will resume on January 7 which is 1 week from now and i haven't studied yet. Oh no...haha I'm not planning to study actually but I have a feeling that i will study.Something inside me would make me open those books and start reading until i fall asleep.

Before I forget i would like to thank all the people who greeted me and gave me gifts..thank you thank you thank you..Sorry sa mga d ko nrereplyan. I received 7 pigs this year which i am planning to display somewhere in my room if i find the time to organize my room. See, i haven't even organized my room yet which i promised my mom i'll do during the vacation. haaaaayyy anyways i have to go. I'll hit you back when i find time. Most probably before classes resume..oh god..

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Friday, November 16, 2007
blogging with a purple knee..

Cheering practices have started.Mabuhay! Buti nmn..i was getting bored waiting for it to happen..haha. Actually we just started stretching and do some stunts..if you would call them stunts. Pero i'll tell you it hurts!!!!! super sakit nya. Well not for me kasi im kinda used to it na because of stomp.(yeah stomp..that was a lot of help) maybe some of the girls are experiencing more pain than i do now. no pain no gain dba? pag ako b nmn d pa maggain ng kung anuman ang magagain ko sa lhat ng pain n toh..ewan k n lng..nagets nyu ung statement? prng d ko kc masayado nagets..pero watever basta no pain no gain. So right now i have a purple knee, my left knee. Its full of bruises ung right knee k 1/4 lng ung purple eh..pero wats wierd about this is it doesn't hurt khit lumuhod ako. I dont feel anything...haha yey! That's something positive right?

My schedule has been pretty much hectic and i cant say that im happy about that.well duh who'd be happy would a very tight schedule? minsan nga prng yaw k n gumising eh!!! I'm waiting for something to come up..any official activity, storm or anything that would mean suspension of classes. Im glad that are next training would be on thursday..tgal pa but i feel so depressed about the fact na long test sa tuesday.i mean kakatest lng dba!!! waaah this sucks..
After the test i'll have to do my cve long test(which is practical), my guidance project, attend cheering practices and attend our practice for the play..buhoo i still havent memorize the last 4 papers of my part...but i can do it!!! i can i can i can!!


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Friday, November 9, 2007
blank canvass filled with nonsense

Every time i post something here..i always think about what topic i will write about before i really post about it but then when im ready the first thing i see is a blank space..so white, so clean and so plain. This somehow erases everything that i have been thinking of for the last 24 hours of my life..yup 24 hours..as in i make paragraphs in my head, sentences and a looooot of ideas. So i think i have to change that maybe next time i wont think about my post i'll just open this new page and wait for something to pop inside my head.

So anyways, Grbe a lot happened this week. First of all my wallet got stolen. I did not make a big fuzz about it cause i might just bother people n may ibng ginagawa but when i think about it now prng naiisip ko sino kaya kumuha kasi pati mineral water k kinuha eh. Its so wierd and it happened so fast i just got my things from my locker then when i returned to the classroom wla n agad eh wla pa ata akong 2 minutes sa labas. Hay anyways kung sino man nakakuha nun sau n ung money bka kasi kelngn n kelngn m tlga pero balik m naman mga pics ko oh. la nmn value sau un eh.. haha..

Alam mo i should learn how to be contented..why? Kasi dba dis week din binigay ung results ng exams and i was so hard on myself as in ung tipong 94 grade ko tpos parang ang lungkot ko pa. Maxado lang talaga ko competitive siguro...I got one low grade which is in math 87 pero feel ko mataas n rin un..so yeah...This quarter i promis myself not to be so hard on myself kasi wla rin mangyayari...

We were given are group assignments for our play presentation in english. The play is somewhat flat and you would really require an actress/actor who can make an audience flat kasi wla tlga the story is so flat..its plain. I was chosen to play maring who has 67 lines..i think. Its quite long pero i believe i can do it.(yehess dream.believe.survive!STARSTRUCK!) Hopefully mamemorize ko and hnd ako kabahan on the day of presentation. We have a practice tomorrow at ria's house and oh i havent asked permission yet.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007
fresh like little dandelions.

Today is the first day of our classes fresh from sembreak. I would say yeah it was fun cause i had my classmates to spend it with but i'd rather sleep the whole day than study. well you know...that's what everyone says right? I was so nervous for the test results but in the end i was contented with my grades. no, its not as high as i wanted it to be but i was happy cause so far all my tests are line of 9 which is what i really prayed for. Still have to prolong the agony for math though since Sir Sta. Rita is absent...errr im not used to calling him Sir Sta. Rita.

I was very happy and active throughout the whole day due to a LOT of reasons..My grades, the magazine, to see my classmates again, my groupmates in english and just to experience highschool. However, the rains, lightning and thunder made me sad cause as you all know i have a phobia for those three things. Well not rain..hard rain.

Hope i'll have a high grade for math. Well im not expecting a high grade but i do hope i pass..

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